ICDP asks EU institutions for flexible and future proof rules on Data Protection


Ahead of the adoption of a general approach on the General Data Protection Regulation by the Justice Ministers on 15 June, the Industry Coalition for Data Protection (ICDP) – of which Ecommerce Europe is a member – sent a press release asking policy makers to create a flexible regulation, capable to take into account future innovations in this field.

“We recognise the difficulties faced by Member States throughout the negotiation process and we commend the Latvian Presidency for its hard work over the past 6 months,” said Chris Sherwood, Head of Public Policy for Allegro Group speaking on behalf of ICDP.

“We urge the Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission to use the upcoming trialogue discussions to ensure that Europe’s revised privacy regime is ultimately flexible and future proof enough to allow for the development of future technologies such as the Internet of Things, data analytics and cloud computing services which will be key drivers for the European digital economy”, continued Chris Sherwood.

You can download the full version of the ICDP press release here.

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