ICDP: ensuring Europe’s future data protection regime is aligned to a bold Digital Single Market Strategy


Ahead of the presentation of the Digital Single Market Strategy of the European Commission by Vice-President Ansip on 6 May, the Industry Coalition for Data Protection (ICDP) – of which Ecommerce Europe is a member – released a press release concerning Europe’s data protection regime.

The ICDP – which consists of 21 industry associations representing thousands of European and international companies who are building, delivering, and advancing the digital experience – shares the Commission’s aspiration to ensure that Europe becomes a global leader in the Information and Communications Technology sector and reaches its full potential in the fields of Big Data, data-driven science and the Internet of Things.

The Coalition doubts whether the legislative text on Data Protection proposed by the European Commission and the versions currently being considered by the Council and the European Parliament are compatible with the goals of the Digital Single Market strategy. While there are elements that are helpful, overall, the Coalition believes that the Regulation risks increasing red tape and creating legal uncertainty.

For more information about the matter, please download the ICDP press release here.

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