IKEA Retail is hosting a Virtual Panel on ‘Designing Policies for a Fair and Sustainable phygital World’


On 29 October, IKEA Retail (Ingka Group) is hosting a Virtual Panel on ‘Designing Policies for a Fair and Sustainable phygital World’.

The Digital Revolution has changed the way we work, study, shop and live. Yesterday’s physical world is now married to the digital ecosystem. Today, we are embracing a world that offer us a connected physical experience, the so-called ‘Phygital Economy’.

As Europeans are looking for more services that integrate offline and online experiences, businesses need to address this trend across all their channels, whether physical or digital, to remain competitive and accelerate economic recovery. European regulations must also evolve to encompass the duality of the Phygital Economy and secure a level-playing field for a fair and sustainable future.

We are delighted to invite you to the virtual panel to discuss how to make the European Union fit to the Phygital Era and truly integrate the Digital and Green Transitions.


  • Carolina García Gómez, Digitalization Manager, IKEA Retail (Ingka Group) (host)
  • Dr. Andreas Schwab, Member of the European Parliament
  • Andrea Glorioso, Policy Officer, Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology, European Commission
  • Daniel Paska, Technology for Good Program Director, Ericsson
  • Eline Chivot, Senior Policy Analyst, Center for Data Innovation (moderator)

The registration for the event is now open.