In the spotlight: Pre-conference e-Payments


The e-Payments market is in a critical phase: Regulation is being prepared, which will make it easier for new players to access consumer payment accounts, possibly leading to more diverse offering of payment services to merchants. Furthermore, the mobile channel is putting pressure on payment providers towards reach and ease of use. And increasing fraud leads to the increasing need for authentication of buyers when paying online.

Altogether, a lot of attention is focused around the authentication of payments through various channels. This might well be the center of innovation for the coming years. On June 16th, Ecommerce Europe will host the Pre-conferences. One of the subjects is e-payments, next to e-logistics and e-regulations. The aim of the session is to provide merchants with the information and tools to prepare their business for the future payments market.

With Ruth Milligan, Senior Adviser on Payment Systems at Eurocommerce as moderator and inspiring presentations and discussion panels, the Pre-conference e-Payments will be very interesting for e-payments specialists from all over the world.

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