In the spotlight: Pre-conference e-Regulations & e-Privacy


The Pre-conferences on June 16 gathers policy makers and regulatory experts from leading e-commerce associations and companies. Major legal challenges and opportunities for the sector, such as data protection, privacy, and consumer right, will be discussed. The aim of the sessions is to provide experts with the latest updates on relevant dossiers, and to exchange best practices in how to transform business in order to effectively deal with these legislative issues.

With Wytze Russchen, Founder & Senior Partner at Russchen Consultants as moderator and inspiring presentations and discussion panels, the Pre-conference e-Regulations & e-Privacy will be very interesting for web-merchants, federations/associations and European policymakers.

With, among others:

  • Presentation of the 2014 position paper on sustainable growth of e-commerce in Europe

    Marc Lolivier, chair of the e-Regulations Working Committee of Ecommerce Europe What should the EC and EP focus on in their new mandate? How can (new) EU legislation affect e-commerce’s sustainable growth in Europe? There should be a fair balance between consumer protection and the proper functioning of the internal market. But will the EU create rules to help the e-commerce sector or will it create additional burdens? Ecommerce Europe takes position in regards to important dossiers such as the Data Protection reform package and e-privacy in general.For more information, please check:

  • Privacy: Data Protection Regulation and e-Privacy DirectiveBy Léon Mölenberg, Member of the e-Regulations Working Committee of Ecommerce Europe What’s the current state of play in Data Protection Regulation? In case there is a final Regulation what does it regulate and what will be the impact on the merchant level? Has a risk based approach been implemented eventually? What about administrative burdens and fines? And how should companies handle Big Data? By the way, how are your cookies doing? What’s the latest news about national implementations and to what extend do they hinder cross border e-commerce? Are there new developments on the EU level?
  • Consumer Rights and self regulation On June 13th 2014 the Consumer Rights Directive will come into force via national legislation. Was the maximum harmonization successful even after implementation into national laws?Cross border e-commerce Going cross-border or even global is easily said but not easily done. How can you be successful although Europe has 28 countries.? To what extent can alternative- or online dispute resolution be of help when your customer encounters problems with (delivery of) your product? Discussion with panelists:
    • Jose Luis Zimmermann, Director General, Adigital
    • Ursula Pachl, Deputy Director, BEUC

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Interested in attending?

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