International Online Shoppers: Their Desires, Their Concerns


How do you convince customers from other countries to purchase from your own shop? The most effective way is to take on board your customers’ biggest concerns, while responding to their wishes. WorldPay surveyed 19,000 online shoppers and 150 major online retailers worldwide and analysed them together by territory (download the complete document here).

international shopers

Chinese want to be safe and well-informed

Although 44 percent of Chinese online shoppers have purchased from foreign websites, they are worried about security and data protection, exchange rate fluctuations, language barriers and delivery problems. When it comes to online purchases, Chinese consumers are looking for good delivery information, personalised offers and a choice of different payment methods. At 41 percent, the number of customers who already use their tablet devices for shopping is more than 25 percent above that of the French, Germans and Americans. In addition to credit and debit cards, Alipay is one of the most popular means of online payment in China.


French find registration for online purchasing annoying

‘Heavy Shoppers’ in France would like to be able to shop online without having to register for the payment, while opportunistic buyers would appreciate the opportunity to benefit from more tailored offers. More information and choices over delivery could motivate French online customers to make more purchases more. When buying cross-border, French consumers worry about concluding deliveries and the associated costs, security and fraud risks. With only 3 percent, the French are at the back of the class in terms of their use of iPads and the like.


65 percent of Germans prefer to pay on account

The Germans attach a great importance to precision. Information concerning delivery and payments should always be accurately stated. Additionally, German shoppers want to associate their visits to the mall with their online shopping experiences; therefore a better integration of retail channels is required. When it comes to cross-border shopping, Germans are concerned about privacy and fraud, taxes, shipping costs and delivery times. With 67 and 65 percent respectively, PayPal and payment on account are at the top of the payment method popularity ratings. Only 6 percent use a Tablet PC.


British shoppers place emphasis on interaction

In addition to safety and privacy concerns, when buying online British online customers place an increased emphasis on interaction. While opportunity shoppers want to be able to reach the seller by phone, the “heavy shoppers” like to have more points of contact with the product. Also, when shopping from overseas sites, the delivery process and associated costs are especially important for these groups of customers as well as the security of payment data and personal information. 6 percent use a Tablet PC.


USA: High expectations of the shopping experience

American online shoppers are usually relatively young and in addition to good data protection tend to demand a wide selection of payment and methods, accurate information about shipping and delivery and personalized offers. 9 percent have already made purchases using their tablet PC. When attempting to succeed in the well-developed US online market, it is important to tailor offers to the wishes of customers and to meet their high service and safety expectations.