Italian E-commerce: Market Continues to Grow and Will Reach €9,5 bn in 2012


Last week the  Netcomm E-commerce Forum presented the Italian e-commerce market data: its forecast for 2012 anticipates an 18% growth in sales to achieve total revenues of €9,5 billion. There is more good news in the prediction that Italian exports will also grow in 2012 at a rate of 21%, 55% of which will be driven by tourism and 33% by fashion to a total value of €1.6 billion.

There were 10 million Italian shoppers online during the last 3 months of 2012, corresponding to a 11% increase compared with the same period in 2011, according to the figures released last week by Netcomm.

A fairly positive outlook was recorded for the online sales channel on the part of shoppers. In fact, according to the reports, 91% of shoppers appreciate the price advantage, 86% see it as an easy way to acquire products, 81% appreciate the wide range of choice and 79% enjoy the possibility to make purchases at any time of day or night.

Moreover, in February 2012 the online buying experience was appreciated by 89% of consumers who have made purchases in last 3 months.

Finally, when it comes to online spending budgets, in the last year 27% of shoppers spent between €201 and €500 Euro; 25% spent between €501 and €1000, while 8% spent less than €100 and 9% spent more than €1000.

During the event, to which 4000 people had pre-registered, “SaldiPrivati”, the private selling club site won the prize as “Netcomm Best eCommerce Award 2012” and will consequently attend the European Ecommerce Award in Barcelona.