Italian payment service providers are now able to roll out MyBank-initiated payments in favour of Italian public institutions to their customers in a fast-track approach


PRETA announced today that MyBank has successfully completed the certification process for Nodo dei Pagamenti, the payment hub of the Italian public administration operated by AgID (Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale). This certification process allows an easier integration of MyBank by payment service providers connected to this central payment hub. It is expected that a growing number of PSPs will take advantage of this fast-track approach to roll out MyBank as ane-authorisation solution for citizens and businesses wishing to settle their taxes and any fees related to public services through electronic payments.

With MyBank, a user can authorise an online credit transfer in favour of an Italian public administration entity. Debtors are automatically directed to the familiar online banking platform of their payment service provider, where all payment details are displayed for verification and authorisation. No registration is needed and no sensitive data is shared with any third parties, so that the payment transaction can be initiated in a convenient and secure way.

Payment of public administration bills via MyBank can be offered by any bank or other payment service provider operating in Europe that has already connected to Nodo dei Pagamenti. This central payment platform created by AgID is the cornerstone of AgID’s pagoPA initiative, which is geared at supporting citizens and businesses in paying their public services taxes and fees in a fully electronic, easy and safe manner; connection to this payment hub will become mandatory for Italian public administration entities in the course of 2016.

The successful completion of the formal certification of MyBank for Nodo dei Pagamenti now enables PSPs to more easily offer the solution to customers paying public administration bills since the certification does away with the requirement for PSPs to run individual tests on the platform before rolling out the payment solution.

“MyBank offers simplicity and a standard user experience to all involved parties, whether they are individuals, businesses or public administration entities, and independently from their country of residence within the EU. MyBank serves as a pan-European digital infrastructure facilitating real-time exchange of financial and non-financial information and guaranteeing to all its users simplicity, operational immediacy and identity protection,” states Giorgio Ferrero, Chairman of PRETA S.A.S.

“MyBank contributes to fulfilling key objectives of the Digital Agenda for Italy by supporting consumers and businesses in initiating their payments online. The solution has already proven to be a very useful tool for increasing electronic payment rates and automatic reconciliation for corporates and retailers. As a certified solution for initiating public services payments, it should now become more popular in this arena as well and help to deliver the same benefits for public administration entities,” adds Roberto Liscia, President of Italy’s e-merchant association Netcomm.