Jean-Claude Juncker appointed as new President of the European Commission


Ecommerce Europe congratulates Jean-Claude Juncker for his election as the new President of the European Commission. Today, the European Parliament in plenary session nominated Jean-Claude Juncker with a strong majority of 422 votes.

Speaking ahead of the vote, Juncker presented a document containing his political guidelines for the next European Commission. In line with the plea of Ecommerce Europe for the Commission to take an integrated approach on all e-commerce related policy issues, Juncker stated: “Enhancing the use of digital technologies and online services should become a horizontal policy, covering all sectors of the economy and of the public sector.” Concerning the Digital Single Market, the Commission President believes that “we must make much better use of the great opportunities offered by digital technologies, which know no borders.”To achieve this objective, the EU should dare to “break down national silos in telecoms regulation, copyright and data protection legislation”, Juncker declared.

In his guidelines, he also declares to support the creation of a connected Digital Single Market, where all EU consumers could access services, movies and sports events on their technological devices without any border. Concerning the data protection issue, the new Commission President supports the creation of a fair level playing field where all firms can offer goods or services in the EU, under the same data protection and consumer regulations, regardless of the location of their servers. By creating and completing a connected digital single market, the EU could generate up to € 250 billion of additional growth. This would also mean creating thousands of new jobs. It is one of Juncker’s priorities to make great legislative steps towards a connected digital single market, starting already from the first months of his mandate. To achieve this objective, the Commission President calls for a rapid conclusion of the negotiations on common European data protection rules and for a modernization and simplification of consumer rules for online and digital purchases.

Ecommerce Europe welcomes the Commission President’s call for the rapid completion of the digital single market and strongly supports his call for a further modernization and simplification of consumer regulation for the e-commerce sector. Ecommerce Europe looks forward to working together with Jean-Claude Juncker and the new European Commission to facilitate a horizontal approach and a one-stop-shop for all e-commerce related policy.