John Spelich (Alibaba): ‘Cross-Border E-Commerce into China is not as difficult as you think’


According to John Spelich, VP international e-commerce development at China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba, the dark sides of cross-border e-commerce are manageable. The enormous potential of this soaring market should definitely outweigh potential problems, the e-commerce expert convincingly explained at the Global E-Commerce Summit in Barcelona on June 18.

100mn daily transactions
‘Cross-Border E-Commerce into China is not as difficult as you think’, was one of the statements Spelich opened his presentations in Barcelona with, followed by a row of impressive figures: 100mn shoppers pass their online transaction on one of Alibaba’s B2C platforms every day and the company has delivered 5bn packages last year.

Foods & Drinks on the rise
Additionally, Spelich explains, Chinese consumers are hungry for international brands. This used to be especially the case for fashion, shoes and accessories, but has stretched out to food and drinks: ‘Chinese shoppers have more trust in foreign food brands and are ready to order products via internet’.

11% retail share within 10 years from now
Another argument is the enormous growth of e-commerce in China. Not only is the number of people with internet access constantly growing, also the share of e-commerce in retail sales is soaring tremendously: By 2016, Alibaba expects the share of e-commerce in total retail to be 11%.