Juhan Lepassaar: ‘What is possible now in the offline world should be possible online’


Juhan Lepassaar, keynote speaker at the Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference, gives his vision about the importance of cross-border e-commerce for Europe, and what the European Union will take as next steps to stimulate this. As the Head of Cabinet for Vice-President of the European Commission Andrus Ansip, Mr. Lepassaar is responsible for developing and executing the European Union’s Digital Single Market strategy in which stimulating cross-border e-commerce is a top priority.

Why is cross-border e-commerce so important for Europe?

“This is a surprisingly underdeveloped market, despite clear consumer enthusiasm. Last year, one in every two Europeans shopped online. But only one in seven bought from a seller in another EU country. There are several reasons for this; mostly it comes down to different national rules and systems around the EU.

What is possible now in the offline world should be possible online. This means that the fundamental freedoms of the EU’s single market should also apply to the digital one. No barriers, not in the digital age: opening up e-commerce properly so that it is truly pan-European, with fair conditions for consumers and business across the EU’s internal borders is our aim. Doing this will also unlock the huge potential of the digital revolution to create economic growth and jobs in Europe.”

Can you name some concrete steps the European Commission will undertake to stimulate cross-border e-commerce?

“We will tackle unjustified geo-blocking of websites based on people’s location, as well as modernise and simplify the EU’s many national consumer laws. We also aim at an initiative for affordable high-quality cross-border parcel delivery. Simplifying VAT arrangements for cross-border sales of digital content would also help small and medium-sized companies to conduct online business – and to help consumers too by increasing their choice of online goods and services.”

Keynote Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference 2015

Juhan Lepassaar will be the keynote speaker during the Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference on June 8.During his keynote speech, he will tell the audience about the European policy makers’ plans to boost cross-border e-commerce throughout Europe. The Annual Conference is the biggest European platform where policy makers meet businesses and takes place on June 8 in Hotel Arts Barcelona, prior to the Global Ecommerce Summit on June 9 & 10.

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