Keynote Wijnand Jongen: trends that will lead to ‘the end of online shopping’ in 2020


Will online shopping end in 2020? On the first day of the Global E-commerce Summit, Keynote Speaker Wijnand Jongen, Chairman of the Executive Committee and Member of the Board of Directors of Ecommerce Europe, will present 7 key mega-trends in global online retailing that will lead to ‘the end of online shopping’ in 2020 and beyond. The Global E-commerce Summit will take place on June 9 and 10 in Hotel Arts, Barcelona.

Mr. Jongen will start his presentation by explaining the current status of online global retailing in the latest facts and figures and the impact online and omnichannel retailing have across the globe. However, it is important to look at the future. What will the future of online global retailing look like? Can online and omnichannel companies keep up with the rapid pace of the changing behaviour of the online consumer? And what will be some of the most disruptive scenarios for the near future? During his presentation, Mr. Jongen will answer these and more questions, and will explain which mega-trends will cause the end of online shopping.

Want to know more about Mr. Jongen’s presentation or about the other presentations during the Global E-commerce Summit? Please take a look at the program of the Global E-commerce Summit.

About Wijnand Jongen

Currently, Mr. Wijnand Jongen is Chairman of the Executive Committee, Member of the Board of Directors and one of the founders of Ecommerce Europe. He is also one of the founders and Managing Director of Under his leadership, won the Mans Lejeune Award in 2014 for being the most innovative industry association of the Netherlands. Mr. Jongen himself also won a prestigious title in the Netherlands: in 2006, he was chosen Direct Marketing Man of the Year in the Netherlands.

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