KIKO Cosmetics Wins Netcomm E-Commerce Award 2014


The ninth edition of the Netcomm E-Commerce Forum, sponsored by Netcomm- the e-commerce Consortium, ended by awarding Italy’s top e-commerce companies: KIKO Cosmetics won and was awarded the “NetcommeCommerce Award 2014 First Prize”. The selection, which was managed by EY, was made from more than 100 e-commerce websites displaying the Netcomm Seal.

Thanks to this result, KIKO won the Best Netcomm E-Commerce Award 2014 Seal and the candidacy for the European E-Commerce Award 2014, which will be held in Barcelona from June 16th-18th, as part of the Global E- Commerce Summit.

This year the Netcomm Award was dedicated to topics pertaining to “E-Commerce Without Borders,” both with respect tousability in space and in places, intended as the opportunity to access portals from every possible device, and also with respect to local borders, so that each store may achieve a Global Store imprint.

So the first prize goes to KIKO?

“Because it’s the company that best represents, thanks to its past and present history, a borderless kind of e-commerce; by constantly striving towards internationalism, it began in the Italian territory and went on to conquer new markets; it represents a winning business model that aims at an integrated growth of both traditional and online retail. It features a kind of e-commerce that is effective and consistent with the brand’s image.”

“There couldn’t have been a better conclusion for the Netcomm E-Commerce Forum than the award ceremony involving Italy’s top e-commerce companies – said Roberto Liscia, President of Netcomm. Over the past three years we have observed how e-shoppers have increased from nine million to 16 million (source: Human Highway – Netcomm), with a peak of 14 million e-shoppers over the Christmas period. We feel highly responsible towards these consumers and for this reason awarding every year the websites that have distinguished themselves is a source of great satisfaction to us. This is the reason why, in this third edition of the Netcomm E-Commerce Award, we selected the best websites among the more than 100 displaying the Netcomm Seal: honesty and safety are the core values in the relationship with consumers. I am also here to remind that during the last few months the Netcomm Consortium launched, after having renewed its form and structure, the Netcomm Seal, together with an evolved version, the Gold Seal, which gives customers the opportunity to provide opinions and ratings concerning their online purchases. These initiatives on the one hand bring us up to par with Europe and on the other aim at offering consumers increasingly more satisfying e-commerce experiences aimed at excellence.”

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