Komerso.pl – a new eCommerce knowledge portal, also for foreign players


The Chamber of Digital Economy (e-Chamber), DevaGroup and ContentHouse are creating the Komerso.pl web portal, which is set to become a unique place on the editorial map. Foreign members of Ecommerce Europe will be able to take advantage of the Global e-commerce tab, which will include the key numbers, reports and industry materials in English.

Especially for Ecommerce Europe members, we are offering them the opportunity to post materials on their domestic ecommerce markets.

Members of Ecommerce Europe will be able to use Komerso.pl to:

  • Post market reports on their ecommerce markets, which will be presented in the educational section of the service,
  • Publish materials on digital topics,
  • Build business relations within the Komerso.pl service, if they are interested in entering the Polish market.

Komerso.pl has been created by three entities: the e-Chamber, DevaGroup and ContentHouse have decided to cooperate to create a service that will be a source of information on ecommerce for business, domestic and international organizations, local governments and ministries.

In accordance with our editorial policy, Komerso.pl will include content related to such issues as: the law in ecommerce, B2C and B2B sales, logistics, digital store marketing, e-services, technologies in the ecommerce market or information society services. When looking for the information they need, the readers with an interest in the industry will be able to obtain it from one credible source. In addition, professional content on legislation, logistics and services related to the industry, as well as research, reports and all types of ecommerce guides will also be published on Komerso.pl.

The portal’s editorial board aims for broad cooperation with ecommerce companies and organizations, without limiting it to the Polish market. The e-Chamber is a member of Ecommerce Europe and EMOTA, and thus it will also publish materials on foreign markets, making Komerso.pl a source of knowledge for foreign players. They will be able to submit content and reviews of industry reports for publication on the portal, thus building business relations with Polish partners. In the near future, we will also introduce an English version of the portal, to make the content more available for all the interested parties.

We want Komerso.pl to soon become Poland’s most important and one of Europe’s leading media providers for topics from the broadly understood ecommerce market. We are planning to use the relationships that we have built over the years with international organizations to provide businesses with generally accessible knowledge through Komerso.pl, says Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska, the President of the Board of the Chamber of Digital Economy.

VISA, one of the key players in the e-payments market, has become the first partner of Komerso.pl.

The Chamber of Digital Economy supports the Polish digital industry through cooperation, know-how exchange, legislative actions and a strong and effective representation of common interests in the dialogue with Polish government agencies, European Union agencies and non-governmental organizations in Poland and abroad.

The professional content of the portal will largely be created thanks to cooperation with the members of the e-Chamber. They will also have a priority to apply for sponsorship deals and to offer promotions on preferential conditions, says Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska. 

DevaGroup is one of Poland’s top online advertising and SEO firms, with nearly 20 years of presence in the market. The company also organizes the semKRK conference as well as many training sessions with certified specialists. DevaGroup will take care of SEO efforts for Komerso.pl, which will allow it to reach the broadest target group possible.

ContentHouse is a full-service content marketing agency which specializes in creating content for business. The agency specializes in building proprietary media, which allows brands to reach clients with content in a natural, contextual way. This facilitates education and in-depth presentation of the offer, which helps close transactions.

ContentHouse specializes in building and promoting company portals. What we want to contribute to the project are our many years of experience stemming, inter alia, from performing editorial services for dozens of internet media which we oversee as a content marketing agency, adds Grzegorz Miłkowski, the Managing Director of ContentHouse.

For additional information please contact:

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PR Manager


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