Last call: 10 Recommendations for a Stronger Payment Landscape


Successful pan-European e-payment methods are a crucial element in future growth of the e-commerce market. To become beneficial for both web merchants and consumers this Ecommerce Europe vision needs transformation into actions and initiatives to build a more effective and efficient e-payments landscape in Europe.

In order to do so Ecommerce Europe drafted her 2.0 position paper on this issue through the ten recommendations below.

Last call for input
This is the last call for Ecommerce Europe company members to submit their remarks and suggestions for this paper bySeptember 11th latest.

This position paper states 10 recommendations for a stronger payment landscape in Europe:
1: Improve the user experience of 3D Secure and harmonise where possible. A user experience that is familiar and consistent (.e.g. by reusing existing authentication methods) and does not contain unnecessary steps in the check-out process, would improve the conversion of 3D Secure.
2: Harmonise charge back rules. 3D Secure does not protect against charge backs as such. A smooth and harmonised exception and dispute handling would reduce costs for merchants significantly.
3: In the spirit of SEPA, merchant service charges should not be different for domestic and cross-border transactions.
4: Acknowledge the reduced risk associated with 3D Secure transactions by setting lower merchant service fees.
5: Merchants urge the European payments industry to implement the MyBank scheme and offer ac-companying services (e-mandates, e-identity) to merchants and consumers.
6: Ecommerce Europe calls on all stakeholders of the payments industry to introduce a viable alterna-tive for the paper mandate: the e-mandate.
7: Merchants request more harmonisation and clarity regarding the legal framework, fee structure and chargeback rights associated with wallet solutions and call for interoperability between solutions.
8: Web merchants welcome third party merchants’ services but ask for clarity from the industry and regulators on the status of these kinds of new service providers to improve the consumer’s confidence in their trustworthiness.
9: Merchants call on the payment industry to come up with payment methods geared for usage on mobile devices, offering reach and conversion at fair cost.
10: Merchants support innovation in the area of e-identity. Aspect to be considered in this effort should be the re-use of online identities and their credentials. In order to be successful, solutions should take into account the prominent role mobile devices play (and will play) in every type of online service.

Download and more information needed
Download the draft positionpaper. For more information please contact Klaas Jan Lageschaar or the Ecommerce Europe office.