Latin America continues its strong B2C e-commerce growth


Latin America keeps developing its B2C e-commerce market. In 2014, the Latin American online turnover grew by 18.2% to $ 37.4bn. In comparison, the B2C e-commerce growth rates in the more established regions of North America and Europe were 12.2% and 13.6%, respectively, in 2014. It is expected that the Latin American growth rate will decrease a little in 2015, but will still be quite strong at 16.4%.

Within Latin America, Brazil is clearly the most important B2C e-commerce market. In total, Brazilian online sales amounted to $ 21.0bn, which represents a growth of 12.9% compared to the preceding year. The B2C e-commerce markets of Argentina ($ 4.5bn) and Chile ($ 2.0bn) are considerably smaller, but their growth rates are in fact higher. The Argentinian market grew by 20.2%, while the Chilean market even increased by 25.0%. Just like the entire region, this growth will decline a little for these three countries, but still remain in double digits.

Internet penetration

The Latin American Internet penetration is quite low compared to the more mature regions of North America and Europe. Where in these areas around three quarters of the population is connected to the Internet, this rate is only 61% in Latin America.

It is interesting to see that Chile has the highest Internet penetration in the region, with 72% of the population being connected to the web. With this, the country is clearly ahead of Argentina (65%) and Brazil (58%).

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