Launch of survey on e-invoicing


The survey on e-invoicing and e-bill payment solutions and on issues and barriers for their development has been launched by the Euro Retail Payments Board (ERPB).The ERPB, an initiative of the European Central Bank, has set up a Working Group to review the landscape and analyze the barriers to the take-up of e-invoice and e-bill presentment and payment (EIPP/EBPP) solutions from a pan-European perspective. The goal of this Working Group is to contribute to and facilitate the development of an integrated, innovative and competitive market for euro retail payments.

The survey is being developed as a supporting tool for the Working Group’s preparatory work and its aim is to get a better overview of existing or planned solutions as well as barriers that may prevent the development of pan-European e-invoicing solutions.

An efficient and well-functioning payment landscape that creates a cross-border level playing field is indeed crucial to a flourishing e-commerce industry in Europe. The e-payments sector is subjected to rapid developments and the future e-commerce market is fully consumer-oriented. It demands a seamless shopping experience for consumers to do online purchases wherever and whenever they want. This is why it is important to identify current barriers and possible solutions to overcome them.

How to submit the replies? 
Please provide your replies latest by 20th of June 2016 by filling in and submitting the online version of the survey available at