Leading country UK remains having a strong presence in Europe


In northern countries, the growth of some of the more mature e-commerce markets is beginning to slow down. It is still impressive to see how these countries are able to hit plus point-percentages in uncertain times. One of these countries is the United Kingdom.

Ecommerce Europe reveals that that in 2012 – the leading country in Europe – the United Kingdom – is still showing impressive B2C online sales accounting over €96bn including goods and services. The UK is one of the most internet-based economies in the world and carries out far more retail online. This is also noticeable from the consumers wallet which and are the highest online spenders in Europe, reaching €2,466 per capita in 2012.

Another observable fact is mobile commerce. M-commerce was the big news of 2010 with the smart phone technology catching up with the desires of the consumer allowing more functionality on smart phones. While current m-commerce revenues in the UK are relatively small, its growth is equally impressive: 12% of all e-sales were done with a mobile phone, up from 4% in 2011.

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