M-commerce Attitudes Uncovered by Yuseo Survey of 25,000 British and French E-shoppers

According to a Yuseo survey of more than 13,000 online shoppers in Great Britain (January 2012) as well as 12,000 in France (March 2012), 87% of those in the UK and 87.5% in France have yet to make online purchases via their mobile devices. However, within the 23-29 year old UK sector, the survey shows that 26% of them use their mobile to purchase goods or services.

The results imply that the mobile channel, which has growth rates strongly resembling those of mainstream e-commerce at its inception, still has plenty of potential for continuing development. In order to benefit from this, e-tailers need to develop a mobile channel strategy, including resolving issues such as whether to develop a dedicated m-commerce app or adapt their existing web sites.

Some differences between the French and British markets consist in the way m-commerce has developed so far: of those British online consumers who have already “tested” m-commerce, 76% purchased goods versus 66% in France. However, only 40 % of the UK cyber buyers have purchased services compared with 53% in France.

Differences in short term growth potential are less significant: for online shoppers who haven’t yet tested m-commerce, 72% in the UK and 65 % in France stated that they were likely to try on a short term basis.

The survey also found that British e-shoppers tend to view mobile apps more positively, with 52 % considering that mobile apps have a positive impact on brand image against only 22% in France. 32 % of UK e-consumers who have already made m-commerce purchases prefer to do so via dedicated mobile apps versus only 12% in France. However the use of mobile devices to compare goods prior to purchase was consistent on both sides of the channel (20 % in the UK and 18% in France).