M-commerce: consumer confidence at an all time high


Ecommerce Europe recently received the results of a study of Buzz City, which confirms the European and worldwide trend that more and more consumers are using their mobile and smart phones to search and purchase.

Seventeen per cent of global mobile consumers claim to have been persuaded to buy a product or service via a mobile ad. Consumer appetite for mobile commerce is at an all-time high, with fears over security payments dwindling to just 3%, compared with 27% a year ago.

More than half of mobile users in Asia, for instance in Pakistan (66%), Bangladesh (63%), Sri Lanka (59%) and India (53%) indicated that they have shopped, and intend to continue doing so, via their mobile device.

In the USA m-Commerce has reached close to 10% of total online sales, whilst in Europe the UK reported that mobile e-sales grew to 20% against just five per cent in 2011. The overall average in Europe is around 8%, the UK leading.

The signs are there, that more and more shoppers are using their mobiles to ‘browse and buy’ with search engines and social media, in particular, acting as a major source of information. 14% use review and comparison sites, while 17% will rely on recommendations from friends.

Convenience emerged as a key factor in the mobile purchasing chain, with 74% of consumers using mobile for last-minute purchases.

Not only are consumers using their mobile device for purchasing digital products such as videos, games and music, but an increasing number are using their device to buy physical products such as clothes and entertainment, particularly in the UK (56%), US (37%), South Africa (33%) and Nigeria (35%).