Mike Jennings: ‘More effort is needed from policy makers to unite the digital and real worlds’


During the Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference 2015 on June 8, Mike Jennings (Owner & Chief Pilot at Cotswold Balloon Safaris) contributes to a panel of European policy makers and e-commerce businesses. In a reflection on the outcomes of the Ecommerce Europe survey ‘Barriers to Growth’, Mike Jennings and his fellow panel members will discuss how all parties can work together to prepare Europe for the future of e-commerce.

Mike Jennings  shares with us his experiences about trying to sell cross-border as a small online merchant and what is needed from policy makers and the market to stimulate cross border e-commerce.

Do you experience obstacles in trying to expand your business cross-border?

‘Cotswold Balloon Safaris is currently in the process of exploring the possibility of expanding into Europe. I am finding that whilst this doesn’t pose too many difficulties on a digital front the break down comes, as ever, in linking the digital world with the ‘real’ world. Current aviation legislation is within Europe fragmented and disjointed. It can be done and has been done but it’s not made easy for you.

The fluidity of business between borders within the EU needs to be encouraged and supported by giving us, the small businessman, the opportunity to draw and take advantage of the best of what each nation state has to offer. For example in my industry, that might be manpower and levels of expertise from one country and stunning scenery and vistas from another freeing up and accessing new opportunities as the market dictates.’

What is needed from policy makers and the market to stimulate cross border e-commerce?

‘I would like to see more effort from policy makers to unite the digital and real worlds. Too much emphasis or perhaps belief is placed in the view that e-commerce outpaces real world markets. I don’t believe this, moreover I believe that both these worlds need to work together complimenting each other and supporting each other drawing on the strengths each has to offer – Let’s be honest; there is no e-commerce market without a real world outcome!’

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