Mobile shoppers: online comparison in offline stores


When shopping online, shoppers can compare prices between stores easily and send the link of a potential new dress to their friends to ask their opinion. These online comparing and sharing methods are more and more used in the offline store too. According to a survey by GfK among over 25,000 consumers, 40% of mobile phone users compare prices via their mobile phone and also 40% contact a friend or family member for advice while in the store.

The global “Consumers’ activities with mobile phones in stores” survey by GfK addressed 25,000 consumers aged 15 years who used their mobile phone within the last 30 days. These consumers were asked either online or face-to-face whether they showed certain types of behaviour regularly when they were in a store. In the infographic below you can find how many of the consumers showed a certain kind of behaviour in the various categories.



In almost every category, men make more use of their mobile phone than women. The only thing women (40%) do more than men (39%) is contacting a friend or family member for advice. What’s also striking is that consumers aged 15-19 use their mobile phone more than those aged 20-29, except when contacting a friend or family member for advice and scanning bar or QR codes.

Want to know more about the mobile use per age group, gender or even on a country level? Download GfK’s press release here.