More than Half of French E-Shoppers Feel Shipping Costs are Excessive


According to an Ifop / Generix poll published on Wednesday, nine out of ten French online consumers (91%) had made at least one non-food purchase online during the last twelve months and 45% of them say they make purchases online at least once a month. The average number of purchases made online annually is 12.8. E-commerce appears to have benefited from the economic crisis with 44% of buyers saying that it has been a factor causing them to buy more online.

However half (49%) of purchasers reported having faced at least one problem. The most frequent was the cancellation of orders due the supplier having run out of stock (28%), followed by the receipt of a product that did not correspond to its description (18%) or had been damaged or broken during transport (15%). For 13% of dissatisfied customers, the order had failed to arrive; while 7% received a product they hadn’t ordered. 27% had ended up exchanging one item for another while 20% were reimbursed for an item that they weren’t satisfied with.

Another reason for dissatisfaction cited by respondents was the amount charged for delivery: 55% cite this as one of the main obstacles to Internet purchases – behind the inability to touch, see or try the products (65%) but ahead of the fear of scam or counterfeiting (52%), the difficulty of exchanging items or obtaining a refund (33%), inadequate security for online payments (30%) and lack of guidance from a seller (28%).

The survey was conducted online between 21 and 23 February, involving 1004 adult consumers. The representativeness of the sample was provided using the quota method.