Neopost Shipping joins Ecommerce Europe!


Ecommerce Europe is delighted to welcome Neopost Shipping as a new business partner. Ecommerce Europe business partners are the preferred suppliers of the European e-commerce industry.

About Neopost Shipping

Neopost Shipping, a division of the Neopost Group, develops and provides solutions for managing shipments, deliveries and tracking. These solutions are intended for both supply chain professionals (carriers, postal organizations and logistics experts) and companies that use logistics processes (manufacturers, distributors and e-merchants).

Audrey Keukens, Secretary-General a.i. of Ecommerce Europe comments: “Ecommerce Europe will surely benefit of the outstanding domain knowledge of Parcels and Logistics of our new business partner”.

Neopost Shipping acknowledges that e-commerce is driving innovation in logistics. They have therefore been investing and innovating in the past few years to help e-merchants and parcel delivery companies improve their consumer experience and grow their business, while reducing operation costs. Neopost Shipping’s eCommerce solutions cover the key steps of managing orders, from preparation to delivery and returns.

Today, Neopost Shipping has over 330 employees located in France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, the United States, Australia and Singapore. Find out more at

Mr Alain Férard, Neopost Shipping Managing Director, stated: “We are delighted to join Ecommerce Europe. We consider it is a key organization to meet the European e-commerce ecosystem, share insights and best practices in order to work towards further developing e-commerce across borders.”

Ecommerce Europe Business Partners: Benefits

Becoming a business partner of Ecommerce Europe is the perfect way to increase a company’s sector visibility and, at the same time, gaining opportunities to gather valuable insights and expertise through sharing information, communication and networking. Ecommerce Europe strives to interconnect business partners with B2C cross-border companies, thereby creating valuable industry-related opportunities. The goal is to create a business partner network by accumulating expertise and experience in order to help make cross-border e-commerce more feasible and attractive.

How to join Ecommerce Europe

If you would like to have further information on how to become business partner of Ecommerce Europe and on the advantages of the partnership, please visit our web site here.