NetComm Suisse, the Swiss e-Commerce Association, hosts the First Global Meeting of e-Commerce Organizations at the heart of UN


NetComm Suisse, the Swiss Association of e-Commerce, co-hosted the first Global Meeting of e-Commerce Associations, during the fourth e-Commerce Week of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

For the occasion, UNCTAD specifically appointed NetComm Suisse to co-host the first ever summit of global e-Commerce organizations. Carlo Terreni, NetComm Suisse’s General Director, facilitated a vivid panel discussion about the role e-Commerce associations play in developing the digital sales channel, both nationally and internationally. Moreover, the participants took advantage of the opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge, and discuss the common challenges of doing business in the global e-Commerce market. Alongside NetComm Suisse, participants included European organizations such as Ecommerce Europe and Ecommerce Foundation; the national e-Commerce associations from Brazil, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Romania and Bangladesh; the African Performance Institute; and specialist organizations such as Taxmen, Retail Excellence, Deloitte Africa and DutyPay.

The General Director of NetComm Suisse, Carlo Terreni, stated:

“We are exceptionally pleased with our involvement in the First Global Meeting of e-Commerce Organizations and we are grateful to the UNCTAD management for entrusting NetComm Suisse to co-host this internationally significant e-Commerce event, the first of its kind.

We strive to work closely with all the relevant stakeholders in order to facilitate and boost the development of e-Commerce business in Switzerland. The rising importance that the UNCTAD conference has been giving to this topic in the recent years speaks volumes about the global consensus that e-Commerce delivers commercial value, which is a strong supportive argument for our mission as well.

Particularly significant for our members and the support we are able to give them, NetComm’s role and participation at the First Global e-Commerce Meeting also represents an important milestone in our lobbying efforts and our growing influence in the international e-Commerce arena”

“National E-commerce Associations can serve as a key speaking partner for governments wishing to strengthen a country’s readiness to engage in and benefit from e-commerce.” explained Torbjorn Fredriksson, Chief of the ICT Policy Section at UNCTAD.

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About NetComm Suisse Association

NetComm Suisse is the first and only Swiss Association of e-Commerce, founded in 2012 with the aim to promote the services and support the interests of businesses working in the sector. NetComm Suisse Association contributes to the knowledge and diffusion of electronic commerce, its services and its technologies, creating initiatives aimed at consumers and operators. Among the objectives of the Association is to bring down the barriers that limit the development of the sector, and to implement communication projects for the logistical supply and distribution chain, as well as to promote digital culture towards businesses and customers. The Association also undertakes activities linked to regulation and lobbying, working with national and international institutions to create clear standards and frameworks; prerequisite for growth in the sector.