Network.A: The B2B Platform for finding your perfect service provider in e-commerce


Looking for a trustworthy facilitator, who can connect you with the right service provider for your needs? Look no further than Network.A, your platform to find experts in e-commerce. Network.A works as a mediator for online merchants and service providers that make it possible for all users to find the fitting partner for your needs.

Online merchants, let the partner simply find you

As an online retailer, all you need to do to use Network.A is simply register for free and set up your orders. After choosing which category your project applies to, just fill out the form and budget you want to spend, publish it and let the service providers come to you. The merchants then can simply choose which partner is the right one and get in contact. To find “the one”, use the rating tool which shows the best service provider.

The Network.A Store is a brand new addition in which products of the following categories can be found: Plugins, Templates, Pictures, Scripts and Graphics. The Network.A Store is open for buyers looking for just the right product or service, and sellers and creators who want to sell their goods or even offer them for free.

Network.A brings businesses together

The smart B2B Platform offers agencies and service providers the chance to show off their work. Businesses simply have to set up a profile, describe their field of expertise and convince potential online merchants with credentials. To get a project, just apply for it and tell the retailer, exactly why you are the perfect partner for the upcoming venture. When the work is done and the project completed, merchants and companies have the option to rate each other. These ratings show other Users how well businesses perform.

Network.A is not only easy to use, but also allows you to save  time which can be spent in bringing your business to the next level.

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