New Ecommerce Europe members: BON’A PARTE & 3SUISSES


Recently, Ecommerce Europe has welcomed two new members: BON’A PARTE and Groupe 3SUISSES INTERNATIONAL. Ardennes-Etape preceded them earlier, raising the total amount of Ecommerce Europe members to 18.

Wijnand Jongen, chair of the executive committee, is pleased with the involvement of these ‘great parties’. “Ecommerce Europe is glad about the interest shown by the various large players in the European market.” Business partners are also very interested in connecting with the new advocacy association for webshops in Europe. Among others, the association is in contact with various European organisations that are active in the e-commerce branche.

Balanced Regulations

Wijnand Jongen: “Online sales don’t care about borders. Cross-border webshops are aware of this like no other. Not to mention, they are actively aware of their dependency on European legislation. Ecommerce Europe is taking a stand for balanced regulations in Europe and proper solutions to payments and logistics.

Living up to Expectations

Mr. Jongen expects that the growth will continue in the following months. “There is so much interest. The accession of such great e-commerce businesses to Ecommerce Europe confirms the existing trust in Ecommerce Europe’s expertise. We are going to live up to those expectations!”