New Ecommerce Europe Trustmark website paves the way for increased consumer trust in e-commerce


Ecommerce Europe is proud to announce the launch of the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark website. Under both online merchants and consumers can enjoy access to simple, hassle and cost-free complaints handling solutions.

Increasing consumer trust and complaints handling

Since its launch in September 2015, the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark has been rolled out in 11 countries across the European Union, with further expansion planned for this year. The Ecommerce Europe Trustmark is widely available to companies involved in online and cross-border selling of products and/or services. It is the only European Trustmark that is supported by non-profit associations cooperating closely with consumer groups all over Europe, that provides for dedicated European consumer complaints handling, and that is available at no cost for Ecommerce Europe member companies

The new Ecommerce Europe Trustmark website further expands on this success by providing consumers with instant access to the Trustmark Service Centre. Now, in case of a complaint, consumers can call our consumer service hotline or report their claim through the new online form.

Increased sales and improved customer loyalty

Online shops that are certified by Ecommerce Europe and the National Associations may carry the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark alongside their national trustmark. Together with all affiliated national trustmarks, we can give more than 10,000 certified online shops this Ecommerce Europe Trustmark. Online shops may carry the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark for free via one of the National Associations that has joined Ecommerce Europe. Online shops that carry the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark link directly to the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark Certificate. 
Through being linked to the new Ecommerce Europe Trustmark website online merchants ensure their customers’ instant access to all the information and complaints handling services offered by the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark. Knowing the trader is bound by the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark Code of Conduct, increases consumers’ trust, improves consumer loyality and, thus, increases sales.

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