New EU Commission’s survey on access to online content cross-border


According to a new Eurobarometer survey recently published by the European Commission, European citizens would like to have an easy access to online content for which they have paid a subscription, such as e-books, music or movies, also when they are travelling abroad.

Main findings show a growing demand to cross-border access

According to the Commission’s survey, for almost one in three Europeans it would be important to be able to use a paid subscription for online content when travelling in another European country, and the numbers increase up to 58% among young citizens between 15 and 24 years old. This is confirmed also by another study of the International Video Federation, according to which subscriptions for music and video online content increased by almost 150% in 2013.

NOT too many burdens on online companies, especially SMEs!

In its Digital Single Market Strategy, the European Commission announced a new legislative proposal to modernize copyright rules to make them fit for the future and ensure portability of online subscriptions across the EU as well as facilitate cross-border access to online content. Ecommerce Europe understands the point of the Commission, but asks to the European policy makers to be cautious when legislating in this particular sector of the online industry. Therefore, Ecommerce Europe asks to take into account also the interests of smaller online companies, which may not have the resources to adapt in order to ensure the portability of online content cross-border.

Next steps

The European Commission is expected to make a new legislative proposal on copyright before the end of 2015. Ecommerce Europe will closely monitor the process to ensure that the new rules will not be too burdensome for online companies, especially for the smaller ones.