New format of the Ecommerce Europe’s e-Payment Working Committee


From 18 to 20 September, Ecommerce Europe will welcome its members for its quarterly Working Committee meetings and a series of policy events. On this occasion, Ecommerce Europe will hold its first meeting on payments since the adoption of its new format, renamed the Digital  Transactions and Innovation Working Committee. 

The scope of the Working Committee has been extended to reflect the ever-changing payment landscape and the impact of innovation on e-commerce. Trends like the development of Artificial Intelligence, FinTech or the implementation of the Payment Services Directive 2 and its impact on the payment sector are paving the way for an ever more consumer-driven economy.   

The extension of the scope also reflects the growing interest of European institutions in new technologies, illustrated notably by the publication, earlier this year, of the European Commission’s Communication on Artificial Intelligence and its Action plan on FinTech 

Ecommerce Europe believes that those technologies and the way in which they will be regulated will considerably impact the day-to-day business of online merchants and should therefore be added to the priority of our Working Committee.