Northern Europe is a promising growth market


2012 was an important year for e-commerce in Northern Europe. Many international e-commerce companies chose to expand to Northern Europe and many leading retail chains decided to invest in online shopping in a big way. All of this also had a positive influence on B2C e-commerce in 2013, as online sales grew by 13.7% in Northern Europe last year, as a result of which the growth rate was higher than in 2012. In total, 18.6 million consumers in Northern Europe bought goods and services online in 2013.

Trading in Northern Europe mainly takes place with local companies. However, at the moment it is becoming increasingly common for consumers to look beyond their national borders in order to access a wider range of goods and services. This makes Northern Europe more and more attractive to international e-commerce companies.

This is all revealed by the latest report on B2C e-commerce in Northern Europe by Ecommerce Europe. Ecommerce Europe is the European umbrella organization for online retailers. Figures in Ecommerce Europe reports are based on the Global Online Measurement Standard for B2C E-commerce (GOMSEC). Ecommerce Europe also published comprehensive Regional Reports on B2C E-commerce in Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe and Western Europe. All the reports are powered by GfK, GlobalCollect, Informatica, RichRelevance and Salesupply.

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