Number of Dutch Mobile Buyers Doubles Within a Year


M-commerce monitor: tablet’s share continues to rise | Consumers are ‘always online’

The number of mobile purchasers who purchase online with a smartphone or tablet has doubled in comparison with a year ago. During the first half of 2012, 1.5 million consumers ordered a product or service via Internet using mobile apparatus. The same statistic for the first half of 2011 was a mere 740,000.

This is apparent from the M-commerce Monitor 2012-1, the half-yearly research into mobile online purchases by Blauw Research and This research, which is part of the Thuiswinkel Market Monitor, is commissioned by, the association that promotes the interests of almost 1700 webshops in the Netherlands.

Many small orders via mobile means

The market for mobile orders continues its extremely rapid growth. On average, consumers placed 3.3 orders with a mobile apparatus during the first half of 2012. These were mainly small orders; four out of every ten mobile purchasers purchased apps or mobile software. Music and downloads take second place in the top 5 mobile segments (12%). However, mobile purchases are not limited to small orders, as people are increasingly purchasing clothes and shoes via their smartphone or tablet (10%). In addition, tickets (9%) and books, magazines, newspapers (9%) are also in the top 5 segments purchased mobile via Internet.

Possibilities seem unlimited

Wijnand Jongen, director of, expects M-commerce to boom during the coming years. “The ‘normal’ Internet already had an abundance of advantages for consumers. With mobile Internet, possibilities now appear to be unlimited. Nowadays, consumers are ‘always online’. Clearly, this is an enormous opportunity for webshops and it is leading to even more innovations. Just think of the possibility of using QR-codes to order products at stations, in bus-shelters and in other creative ways. The number of examples seems to be never-ending.”

Number of purchases via tablets will increase

The use of mobile apparatuses is still very much a work-in-progress. Most mobile purchasers order mainly with their smartphone (69%). This is because more people have a smartphone than a tablet, and mobile purchasers order mainly apps and mobile software. Almost one-third of mobile purchasers mainly use a tablet to order. According to Frank Sibbel, managing partner of Blauw Research, this proportion will increase rapidly during the next few months. “Consumers are increasingly discovering the ease of a tablet during online orientation and purchasing, instead of a PC or laptop.”

Consumers purchase ‘en route’ increasingly often

What is also subject to change is the location where mobile orders are placed. Most consumers (66%) placed their last order at home, using a smartphone or tablet. However, the proportion of purchasers who placed their most recent order ‘en route’ rose sharply, i.e., from 5% to 15%.

M-commerce continues its rapid growth

Expectations are that the M-commerce market will continue its rapid growth in 2012. The number and the quality of applications for tablets and of specific websites for smartphones will increase. The fact that consumers are “always online” will have a positive effect on both orientation and transactions via mobile means. In 2012 the total number of mobile purchasers will grow to reach 2 million.