Online shopping is growing in popularity in Poland


Ecommerce Europe welcomed an recently published survey conducted by PMR that shows that over 40% of respondents had shopped online over the last 6 months. Among people below 35 the proportion amounts to nearly 70%. Clothing, shoes, jewellery, books and cosmetics are among the products bought on a regular basis online.

The e-commerce market has been growing robustly. This would not be possible without the increasing access to the Internet seen in Poland. Research revealed that 73% of Poles had a computer with Internet access at home in 2011. However, slightly fewer people actually used it: 60% of Poles aged 16 years and above. Internet users are largely young people who are studying or well educated. The greatest number of Internet users is found among people with the highest income.

European E-commerce to reach over € 310 billion in 2012
European e-commerce is booming. This is apparent from the forecast issued by Ecommerce Europe, the European umbrella organisation for online retailers. European online revenue is expected to grow around 21% in 2012. Online purchases are increasing explosively, in particular Southern and Eastern Europe are catching up rapidly. Ecommerce Europe figures are compiled in cooperation with various e-commerce associations around Europe and in cooperation with GfK.

Source: Ecommerce Europe/ResearchMPR