More online trust and security thanks to the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark


According to online merchants carrying the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark, there is more online trust and security thanks to it. The aim of the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark is indeed to stimulate e-commerce in Europe through better protection for consumers and merchants, by establishing one European set of rules and by ensuring clear communication of these rules.

Benefiting consumers…

Thanks to the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark, consumers can shop safely, and feel more secure when buying from online shops with the recognized Trustmark. By clicking on it, the consumer will be led to the Code of Conduct and a clear explanation of his or her rights and the commitments of the merchant. Furthermore, in the case of an incident involving the purchase of their products and/or services, those companies with the Trustmark give you the option of filing claims through the Trustmark Service Centre free of charge, if their own Customer Care Service has not been able to resolve the issue.

…Benefits merchants too

The Ecommerce Europe Trustmark has a clear and recognizable label which leads to the Code of Conduct  that includes, for instance, the commitment of the merchant to be clear and transparent about the offer and prices before the consumer starts the order process, and to offer the client transparent, easily acceptable and safe payment methods. Thus, giving peace of mind to consumers can improve loyalty and increase sales for the merchant.


“For us, the Trustmark is useful because consumers see it as useful. When they see the Trustmark, they know they can use a secure payment system, and can make use of a dispute resolution mechanism. Consumers show trust in the Trustmark, and this helps to build up their trust in us”, said Roland Koster, Local Business Manager of

“Security and trust are fundamental cornerstones of e-commerce. We find that, especially for cross-border buying and selling, they are ensured by a regular check for compliance with laws and standards provided through the Trustmark”, commented Tobias Bätz, Managing Director of SMT Commerce UG (haftungsbeschränkt).