Only 50% of M-commerce Shoppers are Actually “Mobile”


Consumers increasingly appreciate the possibility to be able to order something quickly on the go on their smartphones at any time. While mobile commerce is already making a definite contribution to online trading sales, the Hamburg m-commerce service provider MoVendor has compared how often the devices are used for shopping on mobile networks compared with Wi-Fi.

According to the research, almost half of all those visiting e-commerce sites using mobile devices were accessing a fixed Wi-Fi connection at home or at work and were not therefore truly “mobile”. The study only considered smartphone users, without taking into account tablets like the iPad, so at least a bit more than half of the visitors had the opportunity to actually use mobile shopping on the go.

According to MoVendor, tablets are convenient but not mobile: the likes of the iPad tends to be used almost exclusively over WiFi in Germany, a fact that emphasises the importance of these devices for surfing on the couch.

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In order to find out MoVendor aggregated 100,000 online mobile shop visits at the beginning of April in the B2C sector. As a provider of the eponymous SaaS solution for mobile commerce, MoVendor provides services to reputable mail order companies and thus has a broad base of anonymised data.