Open call for the European Commission’s Sustainable Consumption Pledge


Decisions taken by businesses and policymakers today will shape the future of the European economy and will influence the path toward the reduction of our continent’s impact on the environment.  As European policymakers continue to define the implementation of the European Green Deal, businesses continue to explore new ways to limit their emissions perspectives in order to make the right choices. 

To support these efforts, the European Commission has set up Pledges to foster self-regulation on the topic of sustainability.  

As part of the New Consumer Agenda, a pilot for the Green Consumption Pledge was launched in January 2021. The pledge proposed voluntary commitments for companies willing to go further in reducing their carbon emissions.  

The Pledge has since then extended its scope, with a new call to companies to commit to other aspects of sustainability. 

By taking the pledge, companies commit to the first point below and at least one of the others: 

  1. identify your carbon footprint and reduce it by setting targets that can be measured and checked in the coming years 
  1. identify your environmental footprint (which relates to other environmental indicators, such as impacts related to water, air, resources, land use and toxicity) and reduce it 
  1. increase ‘circularity’ in your activities  (e.g. use more recycled or sustainably-sourced material, generate less waste, lower energy consumption in production processes) 
  1. respect social sustainability across your company’s supply chain (e.g. describe internal processes that ensure sustainable production, register your products with recognised labels) 

If you are interested in joining this Pledge, you can find all the information here.