“Open, Safe and Secure”


As mentioned last week, the European Commission (EC) steps up against cyber crimes. The EC, together with Catherine Ashton (High Representative for Foreign Affairs), has published a cyber security strategy alongside a Commission proposed Directive on Network and Information Security (NIS).

The cyber security strategy – “An Open, Safe and Secure Cyberspace” – represents the EU’s comprehensive vision on how best to prevent and respond to cyber disruptions and attacks. This is to further European values of freedom and democracy and ensure the digital economy can safely grow. Specific actions are aimed at enhancing cyber resilience of information systems, reducing cyber crime and strengthening EU international cyber security policy and cyber defence.

The strategy articulates the EU’s vision of cyber security in terms of five priorities:

• Achieving cyber resilience

• Drastically reducing cyber crime

• Developing cyber defence policy and capabilities related to the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP)

• Developing the industrial and technological resources for cyber security

• Establishing a coherent international cyber space policy for the European Union and promoting core EU values

Neelie Kroes, European Commission Vice-President for the Digital Agenda said:
“The more people rely on the internet the more people rely on it to be secure. A secure internet protects our freedoms and rights and our ability to do business. It’s time to take coordinated action – the cost of not acting is much higher than the cost of acting.”

The EC press release can be found here, for audio visual extracts of the press conference click here.

For your information: Thursday 16 May, the 2013 European Cyber Security Conference on “Securing the Internet Economy” will take place in Brussels. Have a look at the event’s website if you are interested.