Payment with PayPal Now Possible With a Card


Payment Service Square became great with their pay-anywhere-dongle. PayPal Here will compete with a similar dongle.

The principle is already known due payment service Square, from Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. Turn your smartphone into a terminal through a simple dongle plugged in the audio jack. PayPal is now offering a similar solution for small shopkeepers. After the PayPal Wallet this is the second innovation announced by the payment company this week. For now, Europeans will not be able to use PayPal Here yet, like Square. PayPal says to distinguish itself by its great anti-fraud and 24/7 service access.

PayPal Here seems primarily to focus on the seller, on the consumer’s end there aren’t many changes, such as cancelling a payment card. Square , Google and Dutch providers focus more on payment convenience for the consumer. Google and the ISPs prefer the NFC technology. It works roughly like a public transit chip card, with the difference that instead of your card you use your phone during payment.

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