Performance Marketing Diamonds EU: deadline for entries extended until 12 February



This article has been provided by Ecommerce Europe’s National Association:   The Chamber of Digital Economy   (Poland)

The Performance Marketing Diamonds EU competition is a space for the largest annual competition between performance agencies, publishers, media houses, and businesses. The idea remains the same for its new, already 6th edition – to summarise the achievements of agencies and companies and present them to a wide professional audience. As Performance Marketing Diamonds EU, organised by the Chamber of Digital Economy, has already gained a European reputation, participation in it is also an accolade that resonates in all EU markets.

Increasing the chances

Acceding to the numerous requests from companies, the e-Chamber has decided to extend the deadline for accepting entries for the competition until 12 February. This creates another opportunity for agencies, publishers, and media houses, whose work in the background of the business is as important as the recognition-worthy efforts of the teams running the projects.

The Performance Marketing Diamonds EU jury will evaluate projects conducted in the European Union’s 27 markets in thematic categories:

  • Performance & Affiliate Marketing
  • Creative Performance
  • Content Performance
  • Strategy Performance

Entrants can also submit their campaigns in the main categories: B2B Campaign of the Year and B2C Campaign of the Year.

As every year, the judges will have their hands full as the number of entries keeps increasing.

The road to diamonds

The Performance Marketing Diamonds EU categories correspond to the times marked by the rapid development of algorithms, changes in consumer behaviour, as well as the transformation of platforms and the business itself. These developments are having a strong impact on a market that, as always, values innovation, agility, and a readiness for constant change. The said values are invariably delivered by performance agencies, companies, publishers, and media houses operating in the areas of performance and affiliation. It is them in particular, regardless of their size, that the competition caters to. After all, today’s world is all about the knowledge of AI tools, business savvy when reaching objectives, and efficiency.

 “The competition allows companies to compete for the title of the best in the entire European Union and in this way showcase their innovativeness to a broad market,” – President of the Chamber of Digital Economy Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska stresses the universality of the Performance Marketing Diamonds EU in terms of market reach and particular performance marketing domains. “Here, we are building up the international prestige of Polish e-marketing specialists”.

Diamonds are forever

The winning companies and agencies will be announced at the closing ceremony of this year’s Performance Marketing Diamonds EU, to be held on May 23, 2024. We will find out then who receives the titles of Performance Agency of the Year and Performance Brand of the Year. The company with the Grand Prix laurel will be announced at the evening’s finale, which promises, as always, to be a great networking and social event.  Now it just takes a small step to become part of it – we look forward to seeing you!

The competition is held under the supervision of an auditor – Sowinski & Partners law firm.

International partners: Bulgarian E-commerce Association, Ecommerce Europe, and Serpact.

Media sponsors:, Marketing przy Kawie, Marketer+, MyCompany, and Social Press

The e-Chamber creates diamonds – your team deserves them!