Polish Chamber of Digital Economy creates diamonds – your team deserves them!



This article has been provided by Ecommerce Europe’s National Association:   The Chamber of Digital Economy   (Poland)

The launch of the Performance Marketing Diamonds EU contest, on January 4, means that performance agencies, publishers, media houses, and brands are entering a challenge that will sum up their year-long achievements. This is the sixth edition of the Chamber of Digital Economy contest. The jury will evaluate projects carried out in the European Union’s 27 markets. Performance Marketing Diamonds EU is the only Polish performance marketing and affiliation industry contest with a reach that demonstrates the international prestige of Polish e-marketing professionals.

The rapid growth of online marketing corresponds to the increasing power of e-commerce, and vice versa. The people behind this feedback may be applauded in many environments, but in this case, the spotlight will be on the vibrant and innovative domain of digital performance marketing. And, as in previous editions, the e-Chamber will be looking for performance marketing and affiliation diamonds for the sixth time in its unique international contest to be held in 2024. It will allow the businesses to take part in Performance Marketing Diamonds EU, PMD 2024, to compare their achievements and showcase their innovation to a wider market.

We’re speeding up, which you can see all around you

In a world where data-driven business decisions and precision targeting reign supreme, the contest is expanding with new categories to further highlight the growth of this part of e-commerce. The 2024 novelties are:

  • The most effective paid search campaign (Performance & Affiliate Marketing pillar)
  • The most challenging performance campaign (Performance & Affiliate Marketing pillar)
  • Think-out-of-the-box campaign (Creative Performance pillar)
  • The most creative use of AI (Creative Performance pillar)
  • ROI content campaign for e-commerce (Content Performance pillar)
  • The most effective video content (Content Performance pillar)
  • The most effective retail campaign (Strategy Performance pillar).

The new categories are a response to the times that mark the rapid development of algorithms, changes in consumer behaviour, as well as the transformation of business and platforms. These phenomena are having a strong impact on a market that, as always, values innovation, agility, and a readiness for constant change.

The aforementioned values are invariably delivered by performance agencies, companies, publishers, and media houses operating in the areas of performance marketing and affiliation. It is them that the contest caters for.

Who, if not us

“The EU-wide contest shows the strength of Polish online marketing. We have reached a level of maturity that is worthy of being shown to a wide audience. Campaigns and business models created by domestic agencies are solutions that can be scaled worldwide” says Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska, President of the Chamber of Digital Economy, with conviction evoking the atmosphere of the first of the contests to be organised by the e-Chamber in 2024. “Behind every successful campaign is a team of people who work tirelessly to put ideas into practice. And as far as the contest is concerned, we never forget that technology is a tool in the hands of man,” – she adds.

The international reach and building prestige on an EU scale is the most important value of the contest, which translates into the fact that the PMD 2024 contest is a unique opportunity for Polish companies to showcase their activities and achievements beyond our country to ensure business continuity by increasing exposure. For companies that run performance campaigns in other European countries, on the other hand, it is an opportunity to present their activities in Poland.

–           “The e-Chamber’s Performance Marketing Diamonds contest awards are conferred to agencies, media houses, and brands whose campaigns have significantly distinguished themselves from the contest. Selecting the winners is no easy task, as performance marketing in Poland and other European Union countries is developing very rapidly every year. In 2024, the e-Chamber is already organising the 6th edition of the Performance Marketing Diamonds EU contest, whose each successive instalment has attracted record interest. I’m convinced that this year, too, we’ll have the opportunity to evaluate projects based on unconventional concepts and with a scope greater than before. By entering the Performance Marketing Diamonds EU contest, you get the opportunity to win the Performance Marketing Diamonds awards and pitch your projects to experts from Poland and other EU countries. I wholeheartedly encourage you to take part in the contest!” – says Anastasiya Buryanova, Coordinator of the 6th edition of Performance Marketing Diamonds EU 2024.

Diamonds are forever

At the closing gala of the fifth edition of PMD, held on May 25, 2023, we found out the names of the winning companies and agencies in the contest’s 12 categories. The title of the Performance Agency of the Year was once again conferred to Sales Tube. The Brand of the Year award was won by Decathlon. The Grand Prix award went to Cube Group.

The achievements of all PMD winners demonstrate the collective efforts of the teams and reflect the culture of collaboration, passion, and drive for excellent performance – such is the state of the industry at the turn of the old and new year. It is also an invitation for ambitious teams to let themselves be known more closely in a professional contest overseen by Sowiński & Partners law firm as an auditor.

… and you are in the game

The winners will be selected based on entries in four areas: Performance & Affiliate Marketing, Creative Performance, Content Performance, and Strategy Performance. Furthermore, the jury will award prizes for the main categories. During the contest gala, we will also find out who will receive the main awards and the Grand Prix, an accolade for the best of the best.

Entries for the sixth edition of the largest international contest dedicated to the field of performance and affiliation marketing must be submitted, exclusively in English, by February 5, 2024, via this link. We expect to announce the nominees on April 23. The awards gala is scheduled for May 25, 2024. Every year, interest in the event is growing, so it is advisable not to delay in deciding to take part.

The e-Chamber creates diamonds – your team deserves them!

For more information about the contest, please visit the website https://pmdiamonds.eu/