Poste Italiane and Amazon Trial “Electronic Postman” Service


Poste Italiane, the Italian national postal service, has begun a trial by which its carriers will deliver goods ordered from, in some cases also accepting payment on delivery. Consumers will have the option of paying for purchases on checkout or when accepting ordered goods from the postal carrier. Postal workers will be equipped with portable card-reading devices in order to be able to accept payment.

The trial involving 6,500 post offices in cities and towns with over 30,000 residents will continue throughout the year. If successful, it will expand next year to include 15,000 post offices nationwide. During the trial period, customers using this service will enjoy free delivery but it is planned to start charging once the scheme becomes universal.

Massimo Sarmi, CEO of Poste Italiane said: “E-commerce is booming and the deal with Amazon opens new scenarios for postal delivery. Customers can receive, pay and collect the goods ordered online with no queues at the counters, and even wait or work at home as required.

The customers will have the choice as to when they pay, while it will be our onus to return to sender in case of customer dissatisfaction.” Poste Italiane has plans to expand its “electronic postman” service to deliver medicines ordered from the National Pharmacy Federation website,