Pre-conference on ePayments program coming together!


Ecommerce Europe will host three pre-conferences on June 2nd, preceding the Global E-commerce Summit in Barcelona. One of these pre-conferences is dedicated to online payments. Merchants come here to learn the latest on cross border payments, developments in regulation and trends in payments. John Broxis will present the status of the MyBank initiative of EBA Clearing. This pan-European OBeP (Online Banking ePayments) solution will offer cross-border merchants an alternative for cards with truly European reach. MyBank will eventually develop solutions for both internet payments and e-mandates to enable SEPA Direct Debits.

One of the speakers before lunch will be Ralf Germer of PagBrasil the premier payment processing service in Brazil. Ralf will educate the audience on methods to deal with Brazil’s complex ecosystem for e-commerce and provide tips and tricks on how merchants can be successful in this vigorously growing market.

Just before lunch, Jip de Lange of Innopay will present on the possibilities of e-mandates for web merchants. Stay tuned for more news on the program!

Pre-conferences: for all attendees of GES!
The pre-conferences open for all attendees of the GES and If you are a member or a business partner of Ecommerce Europe, you are granted free access to both the Pre-conferences and the Global E-Commerce Summit. There are pre-conferences ePaymentse-Regulation & e-Privacy and eLogistics.

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