President Van Rompuy opens new office Ecommerce Europe


On Thursday the 13th of March, Herman Van Rompuy will open the new office of Ecommerce Europe in the EU quarter in Brussels. The move underlines Ecommerce Europe’s rising profile in the European capital. Being the fastest growing e-commerce association, Ecommerce Europe combines the opening of its new office with advocating a European integrated approach on e-commerce policy.

Ecommerce Europe applauds the earlier efforts of EU policy makers but more coordination is a must if the industry is to flourish. In turn, a competitive e-commerce market is key in maintaining economic growth in Europe as a whole, benefiting not only e-retailers and consumers, but also providing an important source for jobs. Basically, an integrated approach should facilitate overcoming obstacles that online shopping still experiences. For SMEs, creating a level playing field is essential to operate cross-border and to benefit from a true Digital Single Market.

With the elections for a new European Parliament in mind – followed soon by the a new European Commission –the opening of the new Ecommerce Europe office goes hand in hand with intensive debate on how best to achieve an integrated approach. Robert Madelin, Director-General of DG CONNECT will provide his view on the role of European policy makers in boosting the growth of e-commerce. In a panel discussion Werner Stengg, Head of Unit on On-line and Postal Services at the European Commission, Mieke van der Loo of Bugaboo International and Jorij Abraham of Ecommerce Europe will exchange thoughts on how industry and policy makers can work together to remove hurdles to online cross-border trade.

The programme of the day:

16h30: Registration

16h45: Welcome address by our host, Co-ordinator at the House of the Dutch Provinces

16h50: Introduction by François Momboisse, President of the Board of Ecommerce Europe

17h00: Keynote speech by Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council

18h00: Panel discussion Shopping 2020 in Europe

19h15: Keynote speech by Robert Madelin, Director-General DG CONNECT

Do you want to visit the opening of the office? Please contact with invitation requests.

Ecommerce Europe is the fastest growing e-commerce industry association. Over the past month, Ecommerce Europe grew with two additional national associations, thereby representing more than 5000 online retailers on the European continent. The European e-commerce industry is the largest in the world and Ecommerce Europe is committed to consolidate this position, assuring that Europe will maintain its reputation as most competitive e-commerce market on the globe.