Privacy: 10 recommendations for data protection regulation


Ecommerce Europe states 10 recommendations for a data protection regulation. Online merchants seek an effective, flexible and efficient regulatory framework on privacy and data protection that stimulates growth and trust in (cross-border) e-commerce.

To strengthen the single digital market and cross-border ecommerce, Ecommerce Europe emphasizes that ten adjustments of the current European Parliament proposals are required. To arrive at a pragmatic and practicable processing of personal data for reasonable costs is crucial for the existence and growth of the e-commerce industry.

Profiling key element
Profiling serves as a key element for the market supply to meet the expectations and demands of the consumers, and thus proves to be beneficiary for both the industry and the consumers. At the same time, the responsible use of personal data is a key element for data subjects to maintain trust in e-commerce.

General vision
The key to reaching a safe and effective e-commerce industry is a fair balance between personal data protection interests on one hand, and the interest of free flow of information for the e-commerce industry on the other. That is Ecommerce Europe’s point of departure for its vision on data protection in Europe.

LIBE vote on Monday
Monday October 21st the LIBE committee of the European Parliament will vote on the Albrecht report and thus giving its vision on and amending of the Data Protection Regulation proposal by the EC.

Download the ’10 recommendations for Data Protection Regulation’ (PDF)