Profumeria Ditano joins Ecommerce Europe!


Ecommerce Europe is delighted to welcome Profumeria Ditano as a new Company Member of Ecommerce Europe.

About Profumeria Ditano

The history of our company has deep roots. In 1959 Pietro Ditano decided to open a shop for perfumes in the center of Fasano (Brindisi), in beautiful Puglia. Pietro’s quality taste is his development of increasingly modern and attractive products and fragrances ,which gained the support of the lords of the town, who in the sixties were highly demanding and particular. So the Ditano perfumery became a landmark in the area.

Over the decades, the responsibility and passion for this branch have allowed the company to grow, so that in 1984 a new shop in the Ciaia square in Fasano was opened, which was larger and more spacious. New services and products increasingly demonstrated the quality of the Ditano perfumery, as well as it its innovative spirit, which was reflected in several ambitious projects in a short time. The company opened a new leather and fashion accessories shop to complete the innovative process in the fashion industry that has marked the company’s development from the very beginning. Since 2010 it has been involved in e-commerce, with great success, that has led management to invest and seek new solutions for the customer needs. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is

Luigi Ditano, CEO of explained why the company decided to become Company Member: “We decide to join the Ecommerce Europe because the internationalization of our activities is our primary objective for the future. A brand like Ecommerce Europe is the best guarantee that I can give to customers.”

Marlene ten Ham, Secretary General of Ecommerce Europe, commented: “We are happy to welcome Profumeria Ditano as our new Company Member and it is a great addition to our already extensive Company Members network. We are looking forward to collaborating to achieve our mutual goals in the European and international context.”

How to join Ecommerce Europe

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