Report on Ecommerce Europe’s participation in European Retail Payments Board


On the 16th of May, Ecommerce Europe participated in the first meeting of the European Retail Payments Board hosted by the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany. Dennis Van Allemeersch, CEO Hotel Booker BV, is representing Ecommerce Europe for the coming two years.

“Successful pan-European payment methods are crucial for the further growth of the online sector. It is important for Ecommerce Europe to participate to the ERPB as we can act as the voice of the e-commerce retailers” stated Paul Alfing, the chairman of the E-Payments Working Committee at Ecommerce Europe. “At the agenda of the ERPB are specific online payments, for e-retailers it is important that they have their own voice within the ERPB.”

During the meeting, the members have approved the working plan for the period 2014-2016. Examples of topics that will be for discussion are e-mandates, security for (online) payments, technical standardization for card based payments and developments within e-identification related to payments in Europe. Ecommerce Europe asks for special attention for mobile payments and innovation. The proposal could count on board support of the committee. Another decision by the committee was to erect a working group on electronic mandates. Ecommerce Europe has indicated it was very willing to participate in this working group. The committee reacted positive and suggested that Ecommerce Europe would take a leading role in this working group.

The goal of the ERPB is to contribute and to facilitate to the further development of an integrated, innovative and competitive market for payments in Europe. Ecommerce Europe advocates an open market and successful pan-European electronic payments are of crucial importance for future growth. Ecommerce Europe wants to translate this vision to concrete actions and initiatives aimed at an more effective and efficient landscape for electronic payments in Europe, in order for online retailers to reap the benefits. Ecommerce Europe wants to use this newly acquired position in the ERPB to present its vision on electronic payments, to contribute to the realization of these plans. The aim of Ecommerce Europe is to facilitate a suitable business environment through European legislation to advance cross-border sales.

Ecommerce Europe presented a position paper on electronic payments in Europe, which is available through this link. A new position paper on electronic payments will be launched during the Global Ecommerce Summit 2014.