Retail Excellence and Ecommerce Europe launch GDPR document for online retailers throughout Europe


Retail Excellence, Ireland’s largest retail representative body, yesterday launched their GDPR manual for European retailers operating online with Ecommerce Europe.

Ecommerce Europe is an association representing 35,000+ companies selling goods and/or services online to consumers in Europe of which Retail Excellence is a national partner. Founded by leading national e-commerce associations, eCommerce Europe is the voice of the e-commerce sector in Europe.

Retail Excellence GDPR manual was compiled by their partner company, Grant Thornton, and its content will now be circulated to associated organisations within the Member States.

Speaking at the launch of the document in Brussels with Director of Public Affairs at eCommerce Europe, Luca Cassetti, Deputy CEO of Retail Excellence, Lorraine Higgins said “This new development on the legislative landscape changes the way everyone deals with data throughout the Member States. European businesses deal with many types of data on a daily basis including information garnered from online orders, ezines, loyalty schemes and employee information. Thus, it is of huge importance to us that all retailers are GDPR-ready so they will be insulated from possible prosecution”.

“The launch of our GDPR document for retailers operating online throughout the Member States demonstrates our commitment to help all retailers better understand the implications of the regulations and ensure compliance so risks of breaches are minimised. Our efforts will continue right up to May 2018 when the regulations will be formally introduced”.

“We would like to thank Mike Harris of Grant Thornton and the Irish Data Protection Commissioner for their help in ensuring we have a complete best practice guide for all of our members” Lorraine Higgins concluded.

Commenting on the new regime, Grant Thornton Cyber Security Partner, Mike Harris, said “The new GDPR regulations could have serious implications for non-compliant retailers. There are additional considerations such as their right to be forgotten. The penalties for non-compliance are also very real. We have produced a retailer-centred manual which will assist them through this process and help ensure compliance and are happy to talk further with anyone who requires assistance”.

Director of EU Public Affairs at Ecommerce Europe, Luca Cassetti said “Ecommerce Europe is delighted to work together with Retail Excellence to help other national e-commerce associations ensure that the implementation and the interpretation of the rules enshrined in the GDPR will not hurt the interests of online merchants”.

“Guidelines on GDPR are still being drafted by national data protection authorities and our association is involved in this process. Ecommerce Europe is also active on several fora, including a new Expert Group of the European Commission dealing with the practical implications of the application of the GDPR. So we are working hard to support our members including Retail Excellence on a European level” Luca Cassetti concluded.