Retailers See Increasing Opportunities for International Growth

According to a new study Accenture conducted for the European Retail Round Table, more European retailers are trying to grow their businesses by selling goods to customers in other countries. This report came as a surprise to many experts, considering the number of new regulations implemented that would effectively discourage sales between countries. Ecommerce Europe president Fran├žois Momboisse is not surprised about the outcome of the research.

Although laws centered around product returns and consumer protections have grown increasingly complex in an international economy, retailers still see strong potential from foreign customers. These firms see the value of marketing to customers in other European countries and overseas, despite the regulatory complications.

Much easier to reach consumers

According to the report, the digital revolution has made it much easier for businesses to reach consumers in other countries. However, they continue to face a number of other challenges as regulations continue to evolve. Nevertheless, they feel that the growth potential is worth whatever challenges they industry faces in the coming years.

Not surprised about the outcome

Ecommerce Europe president Fran├žois Momboisse is, in contrast to the experts, not surprised about the outcome of the research. “In our network of online retailers we hear they want to expand their sales to other European countries every day. Though it is true that they are hindered by numerous complex factors. Fortunately more and more entrepreneurs are able to find the path to Europe. It is up to Ecommerce Europe to help them with this challenge and strive to take away the many barriers that Europe has for them.”