Round Table in Paris: “Super Customer” dictates pace


On February 13th, 2014, Ecommerce Europe, Fevad and E-Commercefacts have launched the 2rd edition of Cross-Border Round Tables in Paris. Next to the expert speakers of Ecommerce Europe, and PwC, attending companies included Louis Vuitton, Ebookers, GfK, ShowRoomPrivee, Editions Atlas, SoJeans, Armand Thierry, MyBank and

The evening was kicked off at 20:00h in the Hotel du Collectionneur in central Paris by Marc Lolivier, president of the French branch organization FEVAD, who welcomed the guests.

“Super Customer” dictates pace
Wijnand Jongen, chairman of the executive committee of Ecommerce Europe, presented 10 Lessons Learned in the Global E-Commerce Game. He stressed the importance of following the “super customer”, who is dictating the pace in today‘s commerce. Due to his transcendent shopping behaviour across all channels, retailers have to be quick to integrate on- and offline, use information in the right way and recruit talented employees.

International rollout must be worth the effort
Co-Founder of the international Jeans Retailer SoJeans, Sébastien Mejean, told the guests that SoJeans had  an international identity from the beginning: the site was launched in 2011 in 7 European countries. In autumn 2013, SoJeans decided to close the three weakest markets Netherlands, Spain and Italy and focus on the strong target markets Germany, UK and France. He said that an international roll- out must be carefully planned without wasting time on markets and activities that will not likely generate enough turnover to justify the efforts.

Less new online shoppers
According to PWC’s Anne-Lise Glauser and Sébastien Leroyer, the number of new online buyers has stalled its pace. Whereas internationally, there still is a growth of 19 Percent on average, in France the growth rate has fallen to 5 percent.