Save the Date: Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference 2016


The Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference will take place on May 29 in Barcelona. Our Annual Conference will be part of the Global E-commerce Summit 2016 (from May 29 until June 1) under the theme “Shaping the future of digital commerce”. This four-day event consists of the Global Ecommerce Round Table, the Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference and the Global E-commerce Conference with inspiring and key note speakers and industry leaders.

The Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference

The Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference is Europe’s biggest platform of e-commerce related information exchange, learning and networking. The Annual Conference hosted by Ecommerce Europe, brings together businesses, European policy makers and other stakeholders to debate and learn about how the sector can continue its double-digit growth rate in Europe and create a policy landscape for the future of European cross-border e-commerce.

Interesting Topics and Theme Sessions

How will the digital economy shape the future European economy? This question will be at the heart of the program with the topics to be discussed including the future trends in e-commerce; issues of competition, consumer centricity and privacy; innovations in online payments and check-out processes; and the issue of cross-border parcel delivery and fulfillment. Furthermore, participants will be given the opportunity to take part in group sessions covering three themes focusing on the trends and developments that will shape the sector in the long-term.

More information

Global Ecommerce Round Table

May 29, 2016

Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference

May 30, 2016

Global E-commerce Conference

May 31 & June 1, 2016

For questions regarding the Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference, please feel free to contact Ms. Stefanie Ros Are you interested in attending the Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference 2016 and the Global E-commerce Summit? Please visit the website for more information.